Stellar Apex T Pre-owned


Pre-owned Stellar Apex T K1 trainer with multisport package.

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The Stellar Apex T is great boat on it’s own, or if your goal is to step up to the ultra fast and tippy Olympic style K1 racing boats, this is a necessary intermediate step.     This particular one is pre-owned and was outfitted to run long adventure races like the MR340…though this one never did.   It has a nice removeable rear bulkhead as well as a comfortable seat for long hours paddling.   Also this is the Multisport version which means it has the clear-coat flexible carbon kevlar hull which will take a beating with  far less chance of damage.

Also it has the Surfski style rudder pedals and a kickup rudder !  a big plus for river running.

Although this boat can take some abuse, it hasn’t and is in very good shape with very few tiny blemishes.    A great bargain and a fast boat in a compact package.