Stellar Apex T Multi-Sport Demo Green

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Stellar Apex T Advantage


The Stellar Apex Para K1 (Apex P) conforms to the regulations set by the ICF for a Paralympic K1. We designed the Apex P to have long smooth waterlines and the minimal wetted surface area for this boat class for superior acceleration and speed. The increased hull stability of the Apex P and strong 3-point footbrace provide a solid platform for a powerful leg drive. We offer a variety of seating and footbrace options for the Apex P, from the standard sprint seat to full bucket seat, to help fit your individual needs. With the standard seat, the Apex Trainer K1 (Apex T) is a great off season trainer or perfect for intermediate paddlers looking to get into a sprint kayak. The Apex T has great top end speed and can turn on a dime, perfect for marathon racing!
Length: 17.06″ / 5.2m
Beam: 20.9″ / 53cm
Depth: 13″ / 33cm
Capacity: 245lbs / 110kg
Weight: 24.3lbs / 12kg
Description: Single skin laminate hull made of Carbon & Kevlar® fabric, with clear gelcoat finish, and the deck is the standard Advantage construction. The hull is designed to be flexible and durable, but creates a stiff boat that can take some abuse in the class I and II rapids and shallows, but is also at home in the ocean or the flats.


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