The Stellar Process

Buying a Stellar is not necessarily a grab and go kind of proposition…but it can be !   

Time and patience bring great things !   At any given time Stellar USA’s warehouse in Northfield , Massachusetts stocks only a few dozen boats  in random color combinations, so for those wanting to take advantage of Stellar’s nearly unlimited custom colors or outfitting choices, a factory built boat is in order.   Depending on the time of year and where things are in the build cycle,  it can take up to 24 weeks to build your unique boat and get it to you.  Delivery logistics are quite a challenge.   I have found no trustworthy commercial delivery service to bring delicate boats back here, so I make the 2800 mile round trip myself several times a year.   I do not charge extra for this unless you tell me you WANT IT NOW!   The Aforementioned non trustworthy services generally will charge $600-800 to transport your boat, so keep that in mind. 

 Custom ordering is really cool and something that is unique to Stellar.   I do it a lot and have many satisfied customers.   A small down payment is all that it takes to get the ball rolling and I can walk you through the details by phone or text.   573-822-2447. 

Don’t have patience ?   You are in luck !   I  am a Stellar Demo center and stock many of the models here in Knob Noster for immediate delivery.   Most Stellar dealers do not stock many boats. We keep one of the countries largest on hand inventories……John