Bending Branches Angler Classic Versa Lok Electric Green 260-275


Bending branches Angler Classic Versa-Lok Elec Green 260-275


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Updated for 2023! The best-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market with high-performance features and 15cm of adjustable length.

New for 2023: Smoother, larger and stronger blade.  The new blade shape is larger than previous generations, providing more horsepower and control with every stroke. The upgraded fiberglass + nylon blade material is stronger and thicker, making it more durable and robust long-term.

Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades are designed for just the right amount of flex, keeping the kayak moving efficiently.

102.5 sq inch blade is the ideal size for horsepower and control, but not overly fatiguing or heavy.

100% fiberglass shaft is durable and strong, yet lighter than aluminum.

The shaft is ovalized where the hands go for more comfort, and to limit the chances for blisters.

Versa-Lok offers 15 cm of additional length and infinite feathering options, with an easy to use and understand system that is secure and resistant to corrosion.