Harmony Sea Passage 2 piece aluminum shaft paddle blue/white 235


Sea Passage aluminum  2 piece paddle


Product Description and Specs

The Harmony Sea Passage Aluminum Shaft Take-A-Part Paddle offers moderate-sized asymmetrical blades that work well in everything from placid lakes to rough seas. It is suitable for both high and low angle paddling styles. The Sea Passage is one of Harmony Gear’s most popular touring paddles and for good reason.

• Works well for high or low angle paddling
• Popular touring paddles
• Moderate-size asymmetrical blades suitable for placid or rough waters
• Ferrule made of injection molded plastic
• 2-piece take-apart paddle
• Colors Available:
Item #:
Shaft Type: Aluminum
Shaft Size: Regular
Shaft Color: Black
Blade Shape: Asymetrical
Blade Material: Nylon
Weight: 33 oz / 935.53 g


JOHN’S Tip :
This is my number one seller for paddles.   A Sturdy, lightweight  paddle that is right for a lot of people, styles, and boat types.