Seals Nylon Splash Deck


Seals Nylon Splash Deck



  • Medium-weight coated nylon packcloth
  • Large zippered mesh pocket
  • Tensioned deck stay
  • Adjustable bungee cord rim attachment
  • Tandem Splash Deck includes extra deck section with pocket for stern paddler
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Splash Deck fits Seals cockpit sizes 1.2 thru 4.2
  • Splash Deck X fits Seals cockpit sizes 5.0 thru 7.0
  • Also available in a tandem version, fitting Seals cockpit sizes T80-T400

JOHN’S NOTE:   The splash deck is my preferred piece of gear for cool season paddling here in the Midwest.   It is not like a conventional skirt that you wear, instead you install this on your cockpit rim and can step into or out of the boat without removing it.   There is a an area around you that will let just a bit of water get in but you will say fairly dry under most conditions.      There is a super handy zipper pouch on top and plastic stays that help this to hold a curved shape and shed water to the sides.  I stock 2 sizes.   You can find out your cockpit size by going to Seals web site and using their sizing tool.