Smart Track Foil Rudder Blade for Tandem Kayak


Smart Track Tandem Foil Rudder blade only


Modern Technology Meets

Ancient Kayak Design

MODEL # ST3831

Change the way you think about paddling forever with the patented SmartTrack Control System. Combining nautical science with high tech materials and design,  SmartTrack is a revolutionary sea kayak rudder system that includes solid ergonomic foot control and a responsive foil-shaped blade. It provides more efficiency, more precision, and more comfort.

  • This is the  Longer blade for most Tandem kayaks. Spiral Tension spring included.    It is the one pictured on the Right.   It is interchangeable with solo kayaks(#3830 on left) as well desiring  more rudder authority and stability.
  • JOHNS TIP :   For new installation, you will need pair of foot braces, Rudder housing( will vary according to how mounted)  and rudder blade.   For some new installations that are not “rudder ready”   you may also need rudder line tubing and a rear mounting bracket.   call or text for more info 573-822-2447