Stellar SR G2 Advantage Surf Ski


Stellar SR G2 Advantage Layup

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First of all What is a Surf Ski ?   It is usually a long, narrow  open cockpit kayak that was originally designed for riding waves in the ocean.   Due to their speed and ease of entry, they have found much favor with us “in-landers”  for use in flat-water adventure racing on lakes and rivers.   Surf skis can be very versatile too, often being used in cold weather for touring, camping, and recreation.   I stock a variety of Surf Skis ranging from the very stable and fun S14S to the new SEA , a 20 foot unlimited racing whip.

Let’s look at the SR .   These are Composite boats, which simply means each one is hand laid up using a variety materials ranging  from conventional Fiberglass to Advanced Carbon or Kevlar combinations.  Each one has its advantages, but all are lightweight compared to common plastic kayaks.   More info on layups can be found at

The New Stellar Racer (SR) G2 is stable and fast for those paddlers looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who want more stability from a surf ski in rough conditions.  For Experienced Paddlers, this boat will award extra speed without the constant strength drain of narrower boats.
A greatly narrower catch and reduced volume footwell help to modernize this popular surf ski. We moved the paddler forward to catch waves easier as well as increasing the bow deck volume a little to release from the waves easier. We kept the same hull shape below the water that paddlers raved about! The beauty of the SR is that its allows you to keep your paddling rhythm without bracing, which keeps the hull speed at a higher constant rate than if you were in a racing ski and had to brace. A water bottle holder in the cockpit and handles in the bow in stern round out this amazing boat.
Length: 19’2″ / 5.84 m
Advantage Layup weight :32.2 lbs / 14.6 kg