Bending Branches Angler Classic Orange 260 cm


Bending Branches Angler Classic Orange


The Angler Classic’s User-Friendly Shaft

Like all our paddles, the Angler Classic is hand-constructed at our headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin.

We begin with an ovalized fiberglass shaft that’s durable, warm on your hands and gives you a couple features you’ll love.

  •  there’s a tape measure printed on the shaft that makes it easy for you to prove to your buddies you didn’t exaggerate the size of your catch! It’s printed in both inches and centimeters.

The Angler Classic’s Blades

The Angler Classic comes with rugged fiberglass-reinforced epX engineered polymer blades. That’s a mouthful that simply means they’ll get you where you want to go with ease!

Their 95-square inch surface area catches the water to pull you along quickly and easily, even with a fully-loaded boat.

One blade also features a built-in hook retrieval system for those times when your favorite lure ends up snagged in a tree or in the weeds.
Your blade color options include orange or sage green, depending on whether you’d rather stand out or blend in.

The Angler Classic’s Specs

The Angler Classic weighs in at 34 ounces. Heavier than our performance carbon-shaft paddles, but still light enough to keep you on the water all day without the fatigue you’ll get from cheap, clunky paddles.