Secumar Vivo 50 PFD Life Jacket


Lightweight PFD  makes remounting a Surf Ski a breeze.


PLEASE NOTE !   THIS ITEM HAS NOT BEEN TESTED AND APPROVED BY THE USCG.  It is made in Germany and is approved to the European Standards. Many events and legal authorities require wearing USCG approved PFDs.  If you wear this without a USCG approved PFD on Board, You may be violating the rules or local laws and you could die.  Do your own research, and take your own responsibility.   


Specially designed for use in canoes, the VIVO 50 is simply worn by pulling over the head and fixing the crutch strap keeping the sides clean for unhindered paddling. Having a front mesh pocket for your Mars Bar or Kendall Mint Cake!


  • DIN EN ISO 12402-5

Fixed Foam – The buoyancy is built in – and ready at all times!
Fixed foam lifejackets and buoyancy aids have one great advantage – the buoyancy is always there.

No accidental inflation and no replacement of gas bottles. Foam lifejackets are ideal for those that might quite readily get very wet, such as dinghy sailors, kiteboarders or windsurfers. SECUMAR fixed foam products feature a comfortable fit, warm body protecting materials and a few very special features.

Please always keep in mind:
Foam lifejackets and buoyancy aids can never reach the same buoyancy and rotation force as inflatable lifejackets so cannot be regarded as a substitute. The simple formula is: more clothing – more Newtons! This means, the heavier the clothing the greater size of lifejacket required.