SmartTrack Spare Parts Kit ST3847


SmartTrack Spare Parts Kit ST3847


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SmartTrack Spare Parts Kit ST3847


SmartTrack Spare Parts Kit includes many parts needed for various SmartTrack Systems which include Housings, Foils and Toe Pedal Foot Control.  May include additional parts not found on your SmartTrack System.  Ideal for building a field repair kit or just refurbishing an older system.

Parts included: 

All Toe Pilot Foot Controls:

Cable Adjustment bolt-1,  Neoprene washer-4, Rudder Control Cable 15ft-1,  Toe Pilot Spring-2,  Mounting Screw For FootBrace-2

All Blade Housings:

Ball Stop for Rudder Line-1,  Fairlead for Rudder Line-1,  ST Tension Knob For Blade Housing-1,  HF Tension Knob for Blade Housing-1,  Wear Washer for Tiller Pins-1,  Rudder Retraction Line, 11ft-1,  Shrink Tubing for Rudder Control Cable-2,  O-Ring-2, Cool Rudder Wedgie CRW (body & wedgie)-1,  Hitchpin for Blade Housing Tension Knob-1,  Cotter Pin for CRW-2,  Spring for Foil Blade-1,  Clevis Pin for CRW-1,  Split Ring for CRW-1,  Screw #8/32-2,  Flat Washer #3-2,  Nylock Nut #8/32-2

Top Mount Pin Blade Housing:

Split Ring for Long Pin 5/8 in -1

Rear Mount Blade Housing:

Original Hinge Pin for Blade Housing Bracket-1

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