Stellar New Eagle Excel Surf Ski Red/Red/Wht/wht




The Eagle

The new Stellar Eagle features a new seat, footboard, low volume cockpit replacing the revered SEL with a modern racing machine for the larger paddler. Highly adjustable foot tracks allow for a large range of paddler size, redesigned gunwales for a tighter catch, refined seat for an ergonomic and comfortable seating position. The bow deck is optimized for comfort in multiple wind situations and control while steering. The hull is re-formulated for second to none paddling experience ensuring a smile on your face and podium finishes. For those familiar with the Stellar line, the Eagle could be compared to a narrower, faster Falcon melded with the SEA.
Length: 20′ 8″ / 6.3m
Beam: 17.25″ / 43.8cm
Depth: 13.3″ / 33.9cm
Paddler: 5’5″-6′ 5″/ 1.65m-1.96m

Capacity: 243lbs / 110kg



Description: Very stiff and light, yet more affordable than the Ultra. Kevlar® adds impact strength to the laminate – Gelcoat finished heat cured epoxy Kevlar® and Fiberglass laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core. Great for racing, or those looking for a light boat, but not ideal for shallow water paddling.