Stellar Elite Low Double (S2EL Tandem) Multisport Layup Orange


Stellar Elite Low Double (S2EL Tandem) Multisport



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Steering line : High strength Spectra Steering line . No rusting, and low stretch for instant response.
Seating: Ergonomic seat with rounded back, low hump and integrated water-bottle holder and lock bar, longer cockpit for taller paddlers.
Peaked Bow Deck: Low volume bow deck creates less drag and windage, ideal for smaller paddlers or inland paddling where the volume is not needed.
Bow and Stern Handles: Low profile carbon carry handles for easy handling to and from the water.
Low Volume Cockpit : Twin venturis for quick draining and 3 point footbrace for a powerful leg drive. Steering comes standard for the bow seat.
Under -Stern Rudders: Various sized carbon rudders for efficient steering for any condition.
Saxboard: Lower free-board from the S2E for less windage and less volume for smaller paddlers and protected water. Easy remount.
Hull Design: Best speed to stability ratio of any double surf ski, with long and efficient hull lines and slender bow for low drag, for a fast running hull with great glide.
Our original Double Surf Ski, the Stellar Elite Low Double (S2EL) Surf Ski, designed for smaller paddlers or for more protected waters. The S2EL has a lower gunwales and bow deck for less windage and easier entries than the standard double skis on the market. With the same characteristics of the S2E, which Paddlers Worldwide recognize that our Surf Skis are unlike any other on the market today. Stability inherent in the design gives you the confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed.
Length: 24’7″ / 7.5 m
Beam: 18.9″ / 48 cm
Depth: 15.7″ / 40/36.8 cm
Paddler: 5’5″-6’6″ / 1.65-2m
Capacity: 485 lbs 
Carry Weight Advantage Layup:50.7#
John’ Tip :   This is a great surf ski  if you have the need for speed !   It is very stable and predictable IF you are an accomplished paddler and tandem paddler.  Most beginners will find it to be a handful at 1st and as such probably a boat left to dedicated  paddlers for ultra marathon distances.  Intermediate paddlers will find it a blast on shorter distances and ease of remount is sweet !   I was quite surprised how easy it was to climb in the front cockpit solo and paddle like a normal solo boat (just much longer)